Welcome to the SafeLife Systems 406MHz Beacon Management and Testing web site.

If you currently own a PLB, ELT, or EPIRB 406MHz emergency alerting beacon, or are intending to purchase a beacon, you can benefit from the services offered on this site. With over 50 years combined experience in international Search & Rescue response operations, emergency beacon design, and related services, SafeLife Systems can help ensure that your beacon is ready when you need it most.

SafeLife Systems offers a comprehensive service plan (1yr @ $59.95, 2yr @ $99.95, 3yr @ $129.95) that includes:

  • Online mapping access using Virtual Earth to assist in your trip planning.
  • Personal and emergency contact details that can be shared with appropriate SAR authorities.
  • Ability to manage one or more beacons under one convenient account.
  • Services such as:
    • Receipt of automated reminder of battery replacement date,
    • Receipt of email and/or SMS* messages of beacon Self Test detections using the SafeLife Systems Through Satellite Self Test detection service,
    • View records of your beacon activations in Self Test or Real modes,
    • Record trip plan details such as vehicle description, intended route, important medical condition information, and other information that could assist in an emergency.
    • Access to online beacon manufacturers manuals.
    • Maintain maintenance and service records for each beacon.
  • Links to related web sites

Click on the “Create Account” link on this page to start actively managing the use of your emergency beacons. And, by creating an account today you can begin using the SafeLife Systems Through Satellite Self Test detection service to enhance the regular beacon Self Tests recommended by beacon manufacturers and SAR authorities.

Self Tests are recommended by most beacon manufacturers at least once per month, or before major trips, to ensure proper operation. These Self Tests, as described in your beacon manual, are designed to test the internal circuitry of the beacon to ensure its proper operation. Almost all 406MHz emergency beacons will transmit a real signal as part of their Self Test, and if that signal is detected by the SafeLife Systems ground stations, this site will allow you to view the results of your single Self Test transmission. For additional details on this service, please refer to the SERVICES - SafeLife Systems Through Satellite Self Test section of this web site.

Emergency alerting beacons and the international Cospas-Sarsat satellite system have contributed to over 20,000 rescues since they were first used in 1982. Emergency alerting beacons are designed to alert SAR authorities in an emergency, and this site has been designed to help you manage and maintain your 406MHz beacon for when you need it most.

Note : *SMS text service is only available in N. America

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